Preventive Maintenance on CNC Machines Using the OEE Method to Reduce Downtime at PT. MTAT

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David Rakes
Universitas Pelita Bangsa
Muhammad Arif
Universitas Pelita Bangsa
Agus Setiawan
Universitas Pelita Bangsa
Kerina Putri Nasution
Universitas Pelita Bangsa
Yudi Prastyo
Universitas Pelita Bangsa

This study examines the performance of CNC machines at PT MTAT Indonesia from January to March 2023. Monthly production data, machine uptime, defect rates, and non-productive periods were collected to assess Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This study aims to analyze the effectiveness of preventive maintenance of CNC machines at PT MTAT Indonesia using the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) method to reduce downtime. This study uses monthly data from January to March 2023, including production uptime, defect rates, and non-productive periods, to calculate OEE. The analysis showed that the CNC machines achieved an average OEE of 86.52%, surpassing the global standard of 85%, indicating high efficiency and quality. The study used Pareto analysis to identify the main causes of downtime, finding technical and maintenance issues as the main contributors. By addressing these factors, PT MTAT Indonesia can further improve machine efficiency and productivity. This study contributes to this field by providing a comprehensive analysis of CNC machine maintenance and proposing strategies for continuous improvement.

Keywords: Downtime, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Pareto Analysis
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